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NEXTBUILDING - European GreenBuilding Award
中国环保商业通讯 2013-04-25

Milan, April 24th, 2013 – In the wake of Frankfurt, Nextbuilding has been chosen this year as the venue for the prize-giving ceremony of the 2013 edition of the prestigious European GreenBuilding Award by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. For the first time, the presentation will feature the projectsof all the European and Italian finalists that are outstanding for their use of criteria and innovative technologies thatpromote the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of non-residential buildings.


Nextbuilding, the new benchmark for energy efficiency and “intelligent” building that is part ofthe exhibition platform, The Innovation Cloud (Milan-Rho Trade Fair, May 8-10), stands for the innovation-led development of Greenbuilding. It hosted the 2010 edition of the award.


The prize-giving will take place during the major internationalconference“Nearly Zero Energy Buildings:the current state of affairs and the near future”, organised by Prof.Lorenzo Pagliano of Milan Polytechnic’s eERG/End-use Efficiency Research Group, which will be held on the opening day at the trade fair’sConference Centre.


“The goal of reducing to a minimum the energy consumption of buildings is one of the main challenges facing public administrations, the business world and citizens in the coming years, because the expected advantages in terms of sustainability, both environmental and economic, are very significant,” said Lorenzo Pagliano, Director of eERG - end-use Efficiency Research Group. “The large audience that will be available to operators on May 8th in Milan as part of The Innovation Cloud will be invaluable in promoting greater awareness of the implications and opportunities of a concept that has generated so much research and innovation, including in Italy.”


“We are happy to host, for the first time, the international edition of the European GreenBuilding Awards which, in recent years, have contributed in an effective way to stimulating and giving visibility to research in the design and technology sphere in pursuit of innovation to support sustainable building”, said Luca Zingale, scientific director of The Innovation Cloud.“We are confident that our collaboration with the European Commission and Milan Polytechnic will generate a new contribution to the potential for technological synergies that lies at the base of The Innovation Cloud project.”


The conference will focus on the priorities and challenges that will face the building sector in the coming years in the light of the imminent regulatory deadline. In fact, by December 31st, 2020, all newly constructed buildings will have to be “nearly zero energy buildings” and the same objective is to be achieved for newly constructed public buildings by December 31st, 2018. The constraints imposed by the regulations will be particularly stringent for existing public buildings:from January 1st, 2014, 3% of the total area of public buildings must be upgraded every year.With this in mind, the conference will be the venue for a speech by Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute, who will present a project to renovate, in the light of maximum energy efficiency, the Empire State Building, the historic symbol of public building in the United States.


The conference, which will last the entire day, will start by discussing the problem of identifying an unambiguous, agreed definition of “zero energy buildings” before moving on to outline the development of the “passive” house concept, devised in Germany but which today, thanks to the most recent design innovations, can be adapted to the southern European climate. An Austrian proposal for a holistic, integrated design approach to achieve the maximum efficiency in buildings will then be discussed before ending with the presentation of the design drawings for a zero energy building with a high level of comfort located at the foot of Etna.

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